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Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

BHFV is the first vineyard you will see on Sound Avenue when visiting wine country along the North Fork of Long Island. It is conveniently located just east of Edwards Avenue (Exit 71 on the LIE-495, then head north on Edwards Avenue for only 3.8 miles).

No doubt you will find that the warm atmosphere and bucolic setting makes BHFV an ideal place for quick day trips, parties and events whether for the family, friends or the workplace (Click here for info about planning a wedding, party, corporate event and other events). You will enjoy great live music performances each weekend. You can visit all year ‘round and during the outdoor season, groups of 15 or more can enjoy a vineyard tour by appointment only.

BHFV’s History

Sam Rubin, Founder | Richard Rubin, CEO

Sam Rubin, Founder | Richard Rubin, CEO

As a young boy in Brooklyn in the 1930’s, Sam Rubin already knew that he was a farmer at heart. But all around him was concrete, and the post-Depression years swallowed dreams and what seemed like childish thoughts.

After WWII, Sam, an army veteran, soon met and wed Rhoda. Together they set about raising a family. After many hard years working as a driver for the New York City newspapers, he finally followed his dream and purchased his first farm in Cochecton, New York.

Throughout the years Sam still worked in the city during the week and farmed on the weekends while maintaining various properties at different times in New York State and in Vermont. An avid naturalist for many decades, he pursued schooling on all aspects of agriculture while growing produce organically. In those days, when life was simple and clothes were hand-me-downs, he never sold his crops to anyone. Rather, he would have a food route giving out his produce to those he loved and cared about.

They moved to Suffolk County in 1961 and ultimately had five children: one son and four daughters. While Rhoda was building her reputation as a pioneer and successful entrepreneur in Weight Watchers, Sam continued to farm on various acquired properties. Eventually, he found a beautiful parcel of land on the North Fork of Long Island. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time; the traveling had made him weary and he wanted to spend more time with his family. He bought it and named it, “Baiting Hollow Farm”.

A few years later, he tried his hand at planting a small section of grapevines since it interested him and was a crop that was rapidly expanding in an area that was proving itself to be climatically similar to key growing regions elsewhere in the world. He loved to work the vineyard and help the grapes grow. Sam decided that he wanted to expand his output. So with Rhoda’s blessings, and the guidance, work and vision of his son Richard, they acquired additional acreage adjacent to the original parcel. A top-notch team was hired to oversee and supervise wine making & production as well as vineyard management and so Baiting Hollow Farm became Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard®, which has established itself as a grower of distinction producing many varietals of high quality wine. In 2007, their old, 1861 farmhouse’s two-year renovation was completed and became what is its present Tasting House.

Since Sam’s passing in May, 2014, The Rubin Family led by Richard, Steve Levine and Sharon Rubin-Levine, continues to run BHFV in typical fashion and wonderful spirit as a tribute to their Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and Founder.

Sam Rubin, Founder | Richard Rubin, CEO

Sharon Rubin Levine | Steve Levine