White Wines


Angel 2016

This wine is dedicated to Angel, BHFV’s magnificent thoroughbred filly, who was the first rescue in 2007 at 18 months of age and whose courage and spirit touches everyone she meets. This bold and full bodied oak blended Chardonnay offers rich and round structure with notes of vanilla and flavors of pear and apple with a hint of citron.

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Riesling 2016

BHFV's extraordinary Riesling is produced in an off-dry style, exhibiting fresh aromas and tastes of melon, peach, honey, jasmine and apricots with just a tease of grapefruit. This unusually delicious Riesling ages well, having just the right amount of sweetness. It is complex, lush and balanced, having been cool fermented and aged in stainless steel. This wine features a natural bright acidity that imposes the perfect exclamation point in just the right place!

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White Satin

White Satin 2019

This is a delicious and smooth premium blend of BHFV's finest white wines. This exotic recipe tantalizes the senses with exuberant aromas of peach and jasmine while treating your palate to delicate tastes ranging from apple and pear to citrus - all with a captivating, cool, crisp and dry finish.

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