Rosé Wines

Merlot Rosé

Merlot Rosé 2019

This sister wine to BHFV's Savannah Rosé has been produced in a similar style, and is wildly popular. It is delightful, yet slightly milder and it is a somewhat sweeter Rosé. There are certain differences in flavor and aroma, which are inherent to BHFV's luscious Merlot grapes. Try a taste and decide for yourself.

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Savannah Rosé

2019 Savannah Rosé

A unique and refreshing Rosé, it is named after our beautiful Thoroughbred mare Savannah, who was rescued in 2009 at the tender age of 18 months. After the grapes are crushed, the juice is left in contact with the skins overnight to develop its beautiful but subtle color. It is then aged and carefully processed in stainless steel, just like a white wine. BHFV’s Savannah Rosé, produced in an off-dry style, has bright strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla aromas and flavors.

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Pink Satin

Pink Satin 2018

This sister wine to our wildly popular White Satin is our driest and most elegant rosé. It is an estate blend of Merlot, Cab Franc & Cab Sauv that has been

Cool fermented in stainless steel and has white peach, pear and cherry notes followed by a balanced, clean, crisp mouthfeel with citrus flavors.

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