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Prince, Mirage and Angel arrive, Oct. 2007
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This picture was taken in October of 2007, as the very first horses we rescued came off the trailer — coincidentally they were "born" into our lives during the Grand Opening of Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard®'s Tasting House! Welcome Prince, Mirage and Angel. Come see what they look like now and we're sure you'll just adore their progress while falling in love with them and their more recently rescued friends.


Angel is the one that started it all. In October 2007, we had heard about a 1 year old Thoroughbred filly that was IN the slaughter pen, with just hours left to live. At her age, she had not yet even lived, and yet was about to die a horrifying death. Although we had limited experience with horses, saving this baby was all the motivation we needed. Thankfully we had the facilities, so, literally, within hours; this little filly was on her way, with Prince and Mirage (see below) in tow. As with all beautiful babies, she just tugged on all of our heartstrings, quickly becoming our little Angel, and thus she was named.

Angel Angel Angel & Isis Angel
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Mirage arrived in October 2007, totally shell-shocked from her terrifying ordeal in the slaughter pen. No one could touch or approach her at all, and we had little hope about ever reaching this poor soul and establishing any kind of trust. She was skinny, and had the appearance of being striped! It turned out that she was streaked from having sweated so much from the stress of her terrifying ordeal. Little by little, in the coming days and months, she began to respond to us and the abundance of love and attention. She is now thriving, affectionate, happy and healthy. She is our adored Arabian Princess who has been aptly named Mirage for she is truly a vision.

Mirage Mirage Mirage Mirage
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Prince is a retired Standardbred trotter (harness racer) who, we have been told, had a respectable career. He was so very skinny when he arrived, and had a terrible case of thrush (a difficult to cure disease that eats away the tissue inside the hoof), in addition to having shipping fever. He broke fences and gates and challenged all the other horses, until he was given Mirage as a constant companion. Like many untamed bachelors, he needed a good woman to straighten him out! Over subsequent months, he was restored to impeccably good health. Prince is our big mush, who is totally content now that he is back to his proper weight, strength and good looks (see below after photo). Like all of us here at BHFV, he has fallen completely in love with Mirage!

Prince Prince
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Laredo is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse with a big heart and a lot of energy and life left in him. He had found himself in the slaughter pen, like so many racehorses who have outlived their usefulness. One of the lucky ones, 10 yrs young, Laredo was brought to the attention of Christine at Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue. She raised the funds to save him and have him shipped to her at her Sagaponack farm. When he was being loaded onto the trailer that would take him to safety, he was so anxious to leave, that he bolted, injuring his shoulder horribly on the chute leading into the trailer. Christine was called, and was told to forget about saving him, that he was too injured. She said, "put him in the trailer". She healed his wounds. That was in December of 2007. In the spring, we adopted Laredo and he has finished his healing at home here at BHFV. He is loved and adored and has the most playful personality of all of our horses. He can be seen, when horsing around with the others, kicking up his heels and even sometimes rearing up to the delight of his adoring fans.

Laredo Laredo Laredo & Angel Laredo Laredo Laredo
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Jemma Noel

Jemma was rescued in December of 2007 and placed in a wonderful home in the Fall of 2012

After a 3000-mile trek across the county in a major snowstorm, Jemma arrived, scared, quiet and exhausted. Her forelock had been cut off completely and her eyes told of her worries, but she would soon find out she was safe forever.

In the weeks to come after Jemma's arrival, her papers arrived calling her "Smooth Teza Rose", a 15-year-old Quarter Horse/ Arabian from Oregon. More surprises came after we found out she had given birth to a mule in her younger days.

After months of constant care and affection matched with the companionship of her new rescued friends (Jemma is our ambassador - she gets along with all of our other horses and is always the first to be paired with a newcomer), Jemma decided to love BHFV as much as everyone here loved her. She can always be recognized at BHFV by her freckled face and big round belly... she has been as spoiled here as they all are.

Jemma Noel in her spacious corral Jemma Noel adopted by her new Mom, Aubrie Gross
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Sultan and Isis

These two, both 4 yr. olds, Sultan a gelding and Isis a mare, were a very special, private rescue. This pair of Egyptian Arabian horses were acquired in October of 2008, needing much nourishment, grooming and overall care. The Egyptian Arabian breed is considered the champion of all horses and the epitome of equine beauty. Its bloodline arrived from the Valley of the Nile, descendant of the Arabian Desert, when Pharaohs ruled the Bedouins. Seeing the gait on these two beauties is something special to witness when they are not being fawned over by our family, staff and guests. Sultan is shown in the foreground in the below picture with Isis behind him. Additionally, Sultan is shown being groomed and Isis is shown, just checking things out and with Mike Baisley. They have been fully trained since their arrival with Sultan undergoing dressage tutelage. In the Summer of 2010, they both traveled to Massachusetts to participate in their first show with Isis proudly taking home a fourth place ribbon in her event!

Sultan and Isis Sultan and Isis Sultan being groomed by Sharon Rubin Levine Isis checking things out Mike and Isis hanging out!
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Rescued in November of 2008, at the age of 5, Romeo is a very special black gelding. He is a true blue blood since he is the great, great grandson of Secretariat and Alydar! Romeo, who raced under a different moniker, won two races at Belmont and placed in another out of a total of 16 races. He had been recently used by his camp to lead out track horses and he was slated to go to auction which would have more than likely led to his demise. We grabbed him right from Belmont Race Track! Romeo is one of our sweetest acquisitions and is a favorite photo opportunity.

Romeo Romeo Romeo Romeo after his arrival (on the right, showing a bit of winter coat) is cozying up to our little Angel. We think Angel is saying... "Welcome, this is like paradise. You'll see, they run around bringing us treats all day long!" Romeo on break between playtime, after rolling around a bit in our large riding corrral. "That large ball (ball although not shown, is in his sights) looks like fun. I know it really belongs to Laredo, wonder if  he'll mind if i give it a go?"
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Rescued in July of 2010, Tango is an incredibly handsome Paso Fino stallion. He is of Spanish heritage and is so smooth gaited, yet spirited. He arrived needing nourishment and plenty of love. He has become so secure and healthy. He is a favorite of the countless guests who frequent BHFV.

Tango Tango Tango Tango Tango Tango arrives escorted by Carlos while Blaise looks on!
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Indy and Miley

In December of 2008, two adorable,miniature horses (no, they are not ponies) joined the herd here at BHFV. Indiana Jones - "Indy", a miniature gelding who was only three years old and Miley, a miniature mare, a youthful thirteen years old. It is inconceivable to us how these little angels ended up in the slaughter pen - they are the easiest of our rescues to maintain and are the sweetest little things imaginable. Indy is only 29 inches tall and Miley, at only 39 inches absolutely dwarfs him! These two are a MUST SEE!

Indy & Miley Indy & Miley Indy & Miley
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Blaise is a handsome Palomino Quarter Horse whose future was uncertain so BHFV purchased him in the Summer of 2009 so he would be assured a safe and wonderful lifestyle. He is now a featured part of our growing horse family.

Blaise is a handsome Palomino Quarter Horse - Photography by Cynthia Bottoms Richard Rubin on Blaise.

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Savannah and Sienna

Savannah (left) and Sienna, our two beautiful Thoroughbred fillies, were rescued at the age of two, in October of 2009. Their names were selected as a result of a contest held in their honor at BHFV just following their arrival celebration. They were saved right from a kill pen in New Jersey, with only one day to spare before they were to be shipped to their demise! We found these mirror images, clinging to one another and they are still such an adorable pairing at BHFV's horse sanctuary where they meet and greet thousands of guests.

Savannah and Sienna Savannah and Sienna our two beautiful Thoroughbred fillies - Photography by Cynthia Bottoms

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In December 2008, when rescuing Indy and Miley from the kill pen in Pennsylvania, we attempted to rescue Jojo another adorable miniature horse, as well. We were told that she had found a home, and so were surprised in April 2009 to see her listed as "desperately needing a home" on a local website. We called and found out that she was five minutes away. It seems she was meant to be ours after all. Jojo is still a little shy around people, but is warming up everyday.

Jojo Hayley Greslin grooming Jojo Jojo hanging out!

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This little doll was born in September 2010. Nothing can underscore the importance of BHFV's Horse Rescue operation like the birth of this miniature filly. Lola's mom JoJo, was saved during the previous year. JoJo celebrates her own new life and the life of her little girl Lola!

Lola Lola Lola Lola

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BHFV is thrilled to announce the Birth of our NEW Baby Mininature Horse, "COOPER"!

Born Friday October 22, 2010 to our precious "Miley", rescued from slaughter in December 2008. Since he was only a day or two old, our adorable "mini Cooper" was already racing around with his tiny half sister Lola (see above). The have become everyone's favorite little pair!

Cooper Cooper Cooper

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Budweiser fans especially love this handsome Clydesdale who was a boarder at BHFV. He was gifted to our sanctuary by his former owner as payment for unpaid fees. We were afraid that if we placed Patrick elsewhere, that he might end up ultimately being shipped to slaughter (even with an adoption agreement) due to certain medical conditions and his somewhat unruly behavior so we decided to keep him at BHF Horse Rescue. Instead, he has become one of our most notable residents and a literally, huge feature on our FREE horse tours! Happily, he is now healthy (he is treated as required) and loves his home. Amazingly, this gorgeous stallion has calmed down considerably now that he feels secure and gets enough exercise (he adores having a rider on his back).

Patrick Patrick Patrick
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This beautiful red Thoroughbred was saved from the track in 2011 at the age of 4. She is regal and very much in love with her Romeo. They share the same paddock and have stalls in our main barn in very close proximity.

Scarlett and Laredo Scarlett Scarlett
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Chance, shown with Richard Rubin, was seized as part of an SPCA raid at a farm where there were many, many abused and neglected animals. Originally named Buttercup (name changed because it didn't seem quite manly enough) was featured on News 12 and in the newspapers since he had a terrible eye infection that was untreated and which resulted in the loss of sight in his right eye. He has been nursed back to good health and enjoys a fun and productive life (he has learned to pull a tiny cart for during kids' parties).

Chance Chance Chance Chance Chance
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A central theme in the movie Seabiscuit was a match race against the very large War Admiral who was the winningest horse in America at that time. Playboy is a direct descendent and stands 17 hands. This handsome and stately Thoroughbred was rescued in 2011 at the age of 4. (Photo by Debbie Rosengard).

Playboy Playboy
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He arrived in 2011 at the age of 4 as a stallion. He was since gelded so that he did not have to be isolated from other horses and to ensure his good health and behavior. This off-track Thoroughbred is so very handsome and one of the most popular residents in our sanctuary.

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This descendent of Secretariat enjoyed a nice racing career and he was rescued in late Spring of 2012, right from Belmont track with the cooperation of his very caring owners who provided a grant to support his initial needs.

Justice Justice
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