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Our Mission

Baiting Hollow Farm Horse Rescue

To stop the slaughter of American horses through raising funds for...

  • Maintaining and expanding our own horse rescue sanctuary facility.
  • Rescuing other horses who are in need and finding suitable owners and homes for them.
  • Educating and guiding the public as to how they can help support the legislation which will stop the export of American horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.
Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard
From left to right: Josh Levine, Kimberly Kelly,
Richard Rubin & Sharon Levine

In attendance at the First Annual PetFest held in Bridgehampton, NY on June 9, 2012, where BHFV both featured and donated its three Horse Rescue Wines

Angel, Mirage and Savannah. All profits of the sale of those wines at their tasting house and in their online store go to support BHF's horse sanctuary and rescue organization. Richard Rubin and Sharon Levine Founders of Baiting Hollow Farm Horse Rescue, were recipients of a Political Action Award presented by The Pet Philanthropy Circle for their hard work to inform the public and in turn their politicians, about the need to support legislation to prevent the export of American Horses to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Celebrities in attendance included Pam Grier (Foxy Brown, Jackie Brown, Miami Vice), Aida Turturro (from the Sopranos) and Jill Rappaport of NBC's The Today Show who was the recipient of the Pet Humanitarian Award.

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